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Unique beautiful high quality wooden toys!

Ladybug Crossing is a small business grown from a mum’s passion for toys. Beautiful, interesting, fun and educational, affordable, well crafted, long lasting toys. Toys that delight and inspire. Toys to be kept as favourites or passed on down the line. Toys made of natural, safe and sustainable materials like wood. Toys to nurture the imagination while cultivating an appreciation of beauty, simplicity, quality and durability.

My mission is to search high and low for the best real toys I can find and supply them as efficiently and affordably as I can manage.

As parents we are often baffled, bamboozled, pressured, guilted and hoodwinked into spending a small fortune on the latest children’s “toys”.

“Toys” which seem designed mainly to train children to be mindless obedient consumers in the interests of shareholder profit.

The latest over priced, fragile, hollow plastic, disposable, electronic fad – superseded before it’s even prized out of its space-shuttle engineered

hyper-packaging and malfunctioning or broken before tea time. The ones which lasted the few days until all the buttons were pushed to produce total boredom are now stacked to the ceiling in large plastic tubs because no kid wants them and we can’t bear to throw out thousands of dollars worth of perfectly functional rubbish.

 Now there is an alternative.

 The alternative is beautiful, unique and affordable.

 Ladybug Crossing.